Art Installation


All images by Re-Collective

The “Gate to Nowhere” celebrates Seattle’s unfinished freeways by reflecting their provocative beauty, unintended urbanism and legacy of 1960s citizen activism. This temporary art installation is on display during the last days of Seattle’s ‘Ramp to Nowhere’ in Montlake (demolition set for late-2014 or 2015).


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13 thoughts on “Art Installation

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  2. Where did you purchase the mirrored plastic? I would like to use some in my trees to screen out a neighbor’s house! Thanks!! It is a fabulous installation.

  3. Early in the design process for these remnant structures, I proposed keeping select pieces of it as a public art folly. The intention was to consider both it’s historical significance, and look for an opportunity to adapt it to a functional use. We discussed using the ramp slope as a bio-filtering device for the new roads surface water runoff. The innovative newness, and complexity – along with the Arboretums laudable goal of reclaiming a restored ecological zone won out.

  4. Love it! Was married under the ramps and I’m sad to see them go. We should protect more of our unstructured spaces. This looks like it will be a beautiful, elegant tribute to the structures.

  5. I really like the idea. I have many fond and chilling childhood memories there and will actually be sad to see it go. I would like a more permant instillation. Forgive my ignorance, but does it have to go? I agree to honor it while it still stands.

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